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Moxie & Money Events FAQ's

Female entrepreneurs and women in business.

Please register on the events page

The short answer is no. We often have to guarantee a headcount for the space. Although we cannot refund the price of your ticket, if your schedule changes, we encourage you. to pay it forward and give it to a friend. You may assign your ticket! We just need her name and email address for check-in. 

Absolutely! We encourage you to do so, just please make sure she registers ahead of time. 

Check out the events page for all upcoming events. 

There is a multitude of companies out there that support women. Whether you are actively looking for your next challenge, or are curious about the hiring landscape, attending our events can help you gain an understanding of the market dynamics and see which companies will fit your requirements and support the growth of your career. Get an insider’s perspective on the various interesting technologies and projects that companies are working on, and the opportunity to meet engineers, managers, and even CTOs face-to-face. Learn about companies’ benefits and team culture firsthand. Meet and network with other fellow women in tech and build your network of trusted industry contacts. Healthy food and beverages are always provided!

While you don’t necessarily have to be actively looking for a new job, it is an opportunity for both passive and active job seekers to explore what the market has to offer and learn more about the job market.

What is the dress code? Business casual attire is always a safe choice: pants, khakis, skirt, open-collar shirt, knit shirt or sweater would work perfectly.